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  • International Citizen Service at Christmas and New Year

    International Citizen Service is closed between Christmas and New Year and also on Friday 2nd of January 2015.

    Last opening day before Christmas:

    -    ICS-Copenhagen: Tuesday 23rd of December

    -    ICS-Odense: Thursday 18th of December

    -    ICS-Aarhus: Friday 19th of December

    -    ICS-Aalborg: Thursday 18th of December

    First opening day after New Year:

    -    ICS-Copenhagen: Monday 5th of January

    -    ICS-Odense: Tuesday 6th of January

    -    ICS-Aarhus: Thursday 8th of January

    -    ICS-Aalborg: Tuesday 6th of January



  • International Citizen Service (ICS) – all the service you need in one place

    There’s a lot to take care of when you arrive in Denmark as a foreign employee, job seeker or student. But International Citizen Service (ICS) is there to help.

    We make the contact to Danish authorities as easy as possible – for you, your partner, and for Danish companies that employ foreign employees.

    All the authorities you typically need to contact are represented at ICS. So in most cases, you’ll only need to visit an ICS office in order to take care of your paperwork and find answers to your questions.

    Employers are welcome to contact the local ICS to inquire about the best  time a day for visiting ICS.

    Good luck with your planning and welcome to Denmark!

  • Download our material

    Get our pamphlet on moving to Denmark. It contains useful information on where to go and who to contact. You can get the pamphlet at your local ICS office or you can download a PDF here.

    Get off to a god start in Denmark (.pdf)

  • Locations

    ICS is located in 4 major cities in Denmark. Find your local service centre on the map.

    ICS LocationsICS LocationsICS NorthICS EastICS SouthICS WestICS NorthICS WestICS EastICS South
  • You will find the following authorities represented at ICS...

    The Danish Ministry of Employment -International recruitment, Workindenmark, The Danish Tax and Customs Administration – SKAT, The regional state administration, the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation, The local municipal administration (Copenhagen Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg),
    At ICS Aarhus: the expat organisation International Community, At ICS Aalborg: The regional projekt Velkomstcentre - Live and Work in North Denmark